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Autumn 2016

Electoral Discrimination: A Puzzle in Democratic Theory
Nenad Stojanovic
Université de Lucerne

The Essence of Conservatism (no paper for this seminar)
Kevin Mulligan
Université de Genève

Democracy without participation: A new politics for a disengaged era
Phil Parvin
Loughborough University, UK

Naturalism, Critical Theory and the Essentialist Fallacy
Rebekka Hufendiek
University of Basel

Social Cohesion and Open Borders: A Zero-Sum Game
Esma Baycan
Université de Genève

Dethroning Democratic Legitimacy (based on a paper with Zofia Stemplowska)
Adam Swift
University of Warwick, UK

Knowing Democracy - A Pragmatist Account of the Epistemic Dimension in Democratic Politics
Michael Räber
University of Zurich

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